Rouhangeze is a contemporary multi genre singer-songwriter, composer born and bred on the beautiful, all intoxicating island of Mauritius; her velvet vocal tones echo the emotion and beauty of her homeland. Her voice is compelling with an ease, soul and versatility. A smooth ascension of melody, technicality and heart…Her timing in delivery of phrases brings about such a resolute feeling of joy to the listener. Charged with a passionate heart, every nuance articulates a dynamic story, grabbing your attention in wanting to hear where she takes you next. This is a singer of depth encased with a velvet tone, sensuality and by far, uniquely different from the flock. She is a multi faceted artist, painter and holistic vocal therapist.

Since she has moved to London in 2009, she has collaborated and developed her compositions with some of the world’s best namely Tabla player Aref Durvesh (Susheela Rahman, Sting, Nitin Sawnhey), multi award winning guitarist Antonio Forcione (Charlie Haden, Trilok Gurtu), Bass virtuoso Linley Marthe (The Joe Zawinul Syndicate, Omar Hakim, Nguyen Le…),drummer Mark Mondesir (John McLaughlin, Deep Purple…), Percussionist songwriter singer Menwar, Pianist Composer Tomasz Bura (The Scientists), multi award winning producer, guitarist Eric Appapoulay (Plan B, Cat Stevens, Neneh Cherry…), multi genre Percussionist Songwriter Kersley Sham; songwriting, exploring the traditional rhythms of the Sega that she sings in her mother tongue, Mauritian Creole. Her compositions are basked in the colours of Africa and India influenced by her love of Jazz and the marriage between electronic and organic sounds.