OUT  2022

Photo Credits: Nicolas Henry

Rouhangeze's album “evasio” to be released in 2022 in France at the Biennale PhotoClimat exhibition "Tales around the world" by Rouhangeze Baichoo and the visual photographer Nicolas Henry. An image will be associated with each of the songs, and the whole will form a fresco around crossbreeding, tolerance, and a reading of the story confronting points of view.


On this album, she invites, collaborates and develops her compositions with some of the world’s best namely Tabla player Aref Durvesh, multi award winning guitarist Antonio Forcione, bass virtuoso Linley Marthe, Percussionist singer songwriter and pioneer of the Sega Menwar, percussionist Kersley Sham, Pianist Composer Tomasz Bura, multi award winning producer, multi-instrumentalist guitarist songwriter Eric Appapoulay and visionary percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger ; exploring the traditional rhythms of the Sega that she sings in her mother tongue, Mauritian Creole. Her compositions are basked in the colours of Africa and India influenced by her love of Jazz and the marriage between electronic and organic sounds.

Nature. Imaginary worlds. Multiculturalism. Poetry. Nicolas Henry and I convey these romantic values and sentiments throughout our artistic pursuits. Nicolas, thank you. Your collaboration has been invaluable!. I understand that good music cannot be confined to specific genres. I write and sing in a variety of styles. For this particular project, I cross-pollinated the traditions of Africa and India - traditions influencing my childhood in Mauritius - with elements of electronica and jazz." - Rouhangeze


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